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"Owning and operating a viable dental business is no easy task these days without the skills of a strong professional office manager. Opportunity provides direct access to valuable education, connections to other professionals that support the dental industry and brings an honest awareness to the industry about the importance of what a highly trained Office Manager brings to the table. I highly recommend this organization for those who are serious about raising the bar for the Dental community."

Deanna Allred, Bank of the Cascades

Our firm WEO Media ( does dental marketing and works with hundreds of dentists nationwide. We are frequently asked questions about various business topics. Running a dental office is obviously a demanding and difficult job. Office managers need resources they can tap into for learning and staying current on the varied aspects of their job. We've found the Dental Office Management training from Opportunity to be very helpful for Office Managers. We highly recommend them!

Ian McNickle, WEO Media

...I wanted to thank you both for your hard work in putting together such a valuable curriculum. We all came away from Dr. Shelburne's program truly moved and inspired to make some important changes in our daily routines here at the office. It was, by far, the most riveting day we've spent in a CE course in a long time.

Margo Virchow, Martha D. Rich DMD

Cedar Mill News
Opportunity had our first article published in our local news! Read all about it at

Dental practice management defined: managing someone else's money.
Written by Karyn Zerr

Insurance fraud. Malpractice. Racketeering. Embezzlement.

These words alone are enough to scare anyone that owns or manages a dental practice. However, they are words that are seldom discussed amongst doctors and staff.

• Doctors trust their staff to accurately manage responsibilities in their dental practice.

• Staff trusts the doctors to accurately document and provide standard of care for services.

And yet, some of the most feared avenues that a practice can take are the least discussed.

I attended a presentation by Dr. Roy Shelburne at an Opportunity event who openly shared his indictment in 2010 for insurance fraud, racketeering and money laundering for $17,899.57 in overpayments. The information presented was very powerful, and I came back with an insight that we tend to lose focus of.

When I worked side by side with the doctors of which I was employed, I saw them every business day and was aware of their, and the staffs', triumphs and trials. But, until I heard in detail of a doctor who paid the ultimate price of losing his practice, and the impact it had on his family, I was reminded that it isn't just a business, it is a key element of a doctor's life.

And each doctor is relying on his or her staff to conduct responsibilities with efficiency, effectiveness and accuracy, without being second guessed by another.

As the years have gone by, and I have been in the dental field since 1986, I have often wondered why there are not more business courses for dental administrators and practice managers. Why such key personnel are excluded from essential continuing education and certification programs that provide the opportunity to learn the requirements for their positions?

Where is the opportunity for doctors to hire office managers where they know the person is capable of protecting their practice from such serious consequences such as insurance fraud? Read More...

Thank You! to Karyn Zerr of Dentists Management Corporation for her blog article. To view the full article, please click here.


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